Volume 7, Issue 1


The MUHC’s Clinical Plan

Dr. MeagherDr. Tim Meagher's (Chief of Clinical Development) nose-to-the-grindstone resolve has helped him and his colleagues to successfully complete the clinical plan that will guide the MUHC’s redevelopment.

Dr. Rosenberg: Taking the Sting Out of Diabetes

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg's progress from surgical resident to Director of the Division of Surgical Research documents one of the most remarkable careers in the MUHC’s recent history.

Edward William Archibald


Edward William ArchibaldEdward William Archibald is widely recognized as one of the forefathers of thoracic surgery. He is also remembered for his excellence as a scientist, educator and technician. 

Cardiac Monitor

Cardiac monitorWhen patients are hospitalized at the MUHC, cardiac monitors are used to continuously track and record the electrical activity of the heart.

Master Architects Hired; Decontamination Complete

Award-winning architects will design the MUHC's two redeveloped campuses; the environmental remediation of the Glen campus is complete

Beneficial tax changes; Family Campaign; Auto Show

Best Care for Life campaign benefits from tax changes; Family Campaign brings MUHC employees together; Auto Show Charity Preview

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