April 26 was a busy day and exciting day at the MUHC Foundation. In the morning, we celebrated the launch of the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity. This collaborative and transformational project will bring together over 250 researchers from across the hospital and university communities to tackle some of the biggest threats to global health.

This initiative was made possible thanks to the Doggone Foundation, which was created by Elspeth McConnell. A lifelong Montrealer, she believed strongly in giving back to her community, particularly in the fields of healthcare, research and education. Since its inception, the Doggone Foundation has been a generous supporter of the MUHC Foundation, having made contributions in the areas of: cardiology, ovarian cancer, vascular surgery, and complex care, among others. Although Elspeth passed away in August of 2017, her legacy and vision for making her community a better place continue through the Doggone Foundation and its Board of Directors.

During the afternoon, a special ceremony was held to re-name the Atrium of the Research Institute of the MUHC in Elspeth’s honour and to recognize the efforts of the Doggone Foundation Board of Directors. MUHC physicians, researchers and staff, many of whom have been beneficiaries of the Doggone Foundation’s generosity, gathered to show their support and share how the lives of patients have been improved.

Later on in the evening, the celebration continued as Paul Marchand, Executive Director of the Doggone Foundation received the MUHC Foundation’s annual Volunteer of the Year Award. He has served on the Board of Directors of the MUHC Foundation for more than 20 years, and has played an instrumental role in helping to make a tangible difference in his community.

It is thanks to visionary supporters like the Doggone Foundation and its Board of Directors that the MUHC is able to push the boundaries of medicine so that patients receive the very best care for life!

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